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Evara VR Is an Immersive Technology Company

We empower our clients to see the future and experience their vision in virtual environments. By using our expertise to fully utilize Virtual Reality technology, our clients have all thrived from the ability to visualize their plans in incredible detail by virtually immersing into their creations like never before.

We have helped the enterprise customers not only win business, improve training and enhance the design and sales process, but most importantly we have allowed your clients to share & imagine your vision in a fully immersive 3D and educational experience.

Technology Is Our Passion

High Quality VR & AR

We’re breaking boundaries with virtual reality, using hyper-realistic textures and true to life models, allowing us to craft the perfect experience for you to learn and grow from.

Cross Platform

Using new technology can be tough, which is why we make the process as simple as possible allowing you to focus on what you do best. Our software works across all devices including Web, Mobile and AR/VR Consoles.

Quick Turnaround

We appreciate that deadlines can be short, so our quick turnaround allows us to fit in seamlessly with your workflow.

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Send us your asset files and design documents. We can even work with your current renderings in image or pdf format.

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Once your project needs have been analyzed by our dedicated, expert team, a quote and timescale will be provided within 3 days.

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