Virtual Reality will transform how properties are sold. This captivating technology provides prospects & customers with first-hand perspectives of featured properties, while also highlighting the adventures, culture,  and cities that surround them. Virtual Reality triggers an immediate emotional connection in sales demonstrations, driving home the many benefits to proprty ownership. While wearing a VR headset, viewers will feel as if they are
physically at the property, providing a perspective that showcases first-hand the value of  living.

By utilizing Virtual Reality as part of their sales demonstrations, representatives easily remove doubt, creating an impulsive reaction that enhances trust – attributing to a significant increase in closing ratios.

What is VR?

“An Experience that simulates immersive physical presence in a real or IMAGINED WORLD”

Virtual Reality allows viewers to escape the physical world, teleporting them to into the heart of the story instantly. When partaking in a VR experience, the participant’s optical range is enclosed inside of a Virtual Reality Headset, eluding their mind to believing they are somewhere else.

Motion sensors inside the headset track the participants head movements – when looking up, down, left, right or backwards, the video image moves along with their physical movements, emulating a realistic representation of reality.

  • Virtual Reality’s emergence to consumer markers in 2016 has seen rapid growth with upwards of 20 Million VR Handsets sold, projections for 2017 doubling the year prior. 100M+ Headsets will be in circulation by 2020
  • Mobile VR users will download VR Smartphone Apps 60 Million times in 2017
  • Revenues in VR are also climbing rapidly – 2016 saw approximately
    $4 Billion with revenues surpassing $120 Billion by 2020.


“Now is the time to implement VR as part of your sales strategy”

Virtual Reality Distribution Channels:

•    Online Web Viewers – Anyone can access via Facebook, YouTube, VR Platforms
•    Smartphone Apps – 85 million downloads by Q4, 2017
•    Headsets – 20 Million+ 2016E/40+ Million 2017E


Properties & VR: A Closer Look

Each Virtual Reality experience may include 3D Models, CGI animations, voice over narration and narratives. Content will be developed for different demographics (millennials, retirees, party goers, family fun, adventure seekers and so on). Through these culturally driven experiences, viewers will feel emotionally connected to the property, enhancing their desire to buy.

When placing a VR headset on, viewers may be presented with a map of interactive markers placed on locations where properties are located. When looking at a marker for 3 seconds, viewers will be transported to the experiences developed for that region or property.

Sales Demonstrations

While conducting sales presentations, representatives will use the Virtual Reality content to strengthen their demonstration. By providing clients with a VR headset during their meetings, representatives can showcase first-hand the many luxurious properties available around the area – increasing conversions and closing rates significantly.

•    VR allows viewers to experience properties first hand, from anywhere, at anytime
•    Revamp sales tools – prospects can now use VR headsets + content to solidify deals
•    Enhance sales demonstrations by increasing interactivity and engagement during presentations
•    Increase at enhance to in-person meetings by offering prospects a mid to top-tier VR headset as part of their takeaway package
•    Enriched experience – providing prospects with an experience they’ve never had before, making the property demonstration a fun, engaging & memorable experience (85% of people have yet to try their first VR experience)
•    Increase at enhance to in-person meetings by offerering prospects a mid to top-tier VR headset as part of their takeaway package
•    Emotionally connect prospects to the demonstration

Package & Word of Mouth

After conducting sales demonstrations, representatives can provide participants with a mid-tier VR headset as part of their attendance package. These headsets will significantly increase world-of-mouth and re- engagement after meetings. Customers & prospects will have the ability to view the Virtual Reality experiences through a Smartphone App or Website. The unique and entertaining content will incentivize viewers to showcase the experiences to friends and family broadening the company’s visibility, consumer trust, and deal flow.
•    Drive word of mouth significantly through VR headset handouts
•    Strong tool for prospects to use after meeting – motivating them to buy
•    STRONG re-engagement platform for up-selling top-tier packages (send push notifications to users phones alerting them of new experiences)
•    Broadened exposure of properties through customer networks – they showcase the experiences to friends & family enhancing their desire to purchase
•    Culturally Focused – experiences showcase culture of the destinations featured increasing one’s desire to share the experiences socially
(increased visibility for company)

Online, Press & Social Media

Since 2016, Virtual Reality has gained great consumer traction. Companies
investing in VR experiences are seeing significant ROI’s and press recognition
as a result. Online publications, mainstream media and travel/adventure blogs
& publications will feature VR experiences, creating a strong channel, positively enhancing the properties perception with consumers.

•    Positive press through mainstream media, travel & adventure publications, technology and VR distribution platforms.
•    40+ million consumers will be using VR headsets in 2017 with 100+ million additional watching 360° content on their Smartphones or Computers
•    74% of VR users are using VR to watch properties based experiences – all  experiences fit into this category
•    Content can be distributed through Facebook via sponsored posts – targeting people based on location, age, demographic or interest.
•    Connect with prospects through new VR channels
•    Provide consumers with new experiences driving social engagement
•    Target millennial demographic through online platforms

Case Study

Irvine Company takes viewers on an interactive Virtual Reality adventure, exploring ultra luxurious properties around Southern California. Each segment highlights properties customers can lease. This adventurous VR experience showcases not just the properties but also provides viewers a cultural & adventurous experience highlighting each destination city and their main attractions/activities. The experience can be showcased during presentations allowing prospects to visualize first-hand what they will get for their money.

Participants may also be provided with their own personal VR headset after the demonstration. By providing the means to take the experience home, attendees become strong brand ambassadors, showcasing the experience to friends and family, while reliving this novel and unique experience, driving closing ratios of post-meeting sales.
•    Increase closing rates 8X
•    Prospects become brand ambassadors
•    International visibility of properties and properties
•    Enhance sales meetings by providing viewers with an experience
they will never forget
•    Strong word-of-mouth marketing post-meeting
•    Online international marketing campaign

Casy Study




Utilizing the technology across properties, the Lee & Associates have embraced VR as a core part of their revamped sales and marketing strategies. The group has equipped their Sales Offices with Samsung Gear VR headsets, showcasing immersive 360-degree images and videos of their featured properties. These experiences enable potential tenants, meeting planners and potential corporate clients the ability to virtually showcase  properties and destinations around the world. The experiences are also being used for promotional and educational tools at trade shows, industry events and sales meetings, instantly “transporting” participants to destinations directly.

Upon launching the experiences, the group noted significant revenue increases ($500K+) within their first 90 days. The company is currently in the process of developing VR experiences for many of their locations world-wide.

Consumers Feel Connected to a Brand that Sponsors VR


71% of consumers agree that a brand that sponsors VR is forward-thinking and modern

52% of consumers agree they would like to be associated with
that brand

62% of consumers would feel engaged with a brand that sponsors a VR experience

53% of consumers say they are more likely to purchase from a brand that sponsors a VR experience