Next Generation Immersive Property Viewing

Consider empty space that are available but leave little to the imaginations. An empty office space with endless possibilities. Imagine walking through that same space with a creative type design and then with a swipe of a button changing to a more contemporary layout. Virtual Reality provides endless possibilities to marketing spaces to potential buyers and tenants.

Enterprise Customers Today Have High Expectations

They want to be able to interact with spaces in an engaging way, for a complete experience that goes beyond the traditional tenant tour. Imagine VR is a virtual reality experience that engages and inspires potential tenants with interactive tools that showcase spaces in the context of how office spaces can be. Potential tenants can easily switch from different layouts in a single swipe.

VR Benefits

Convert Browsers into Buyers

Fun and easy VR software that engages and helps turn visitors into tenants.

Add Value to Your Brand

Customizable user interface to reflect your visual brand identity

Real Time Customer Behavior

Key analytics help you plan and sell better