Space Planning and Test Fit

A breakthrough leasing tool for Office Space developers and Property managers.

Immersive Virtual Reality Floor plans.


When you have availability in your Commercial office or retail space, your goal is simple: Lease it fast. Evara VR’s ImagineVR 3D modeling and virtual Reality Software lets you cut down on your architectural cost by putting the test-fit and space planning creation tools in the hands of your leasing team. Tenants that are better informed about spaces can move faster to a lease by imagining spaces not as they are, but how they could be. Models can be viewed in any web browser or virtual reality headset for a full immersive experience.




Evara VR’s virtual reality and 3D modeling technology allow for a comprehensive and space management and test fit service that will help you take your project from vision to completion. From a big picture strategic planning and management to targeted support we have the experience and expertise to handle a broad spectrum of space planning, test fitting and interior project management.



The Process

1. Send Evara VR your architectural files and Floor Plans
We convert your CAD into smart, simple, online plans, making your space available from any browser.

2. Customize a plan
Evara VR supplies templates like Legal, Modern, Finance, or Creative, customize the layout to your tenants’ needs in seconds.

Give tenants a feel for the space with an interactive 3D tour on the Web or Through virtual Reality headsets like the Samsung Gear or Google Daydream..